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Women carrying purses purchase roughly 70% of all groceries and influence most major purchases in the household.  The role, influence and innovation opportunity inspired by the purse cannot be underestimated.

“In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag” is the first exhaustive quantitative and qualitative study to delve into the contents and context of the only instrument that connects the home, where consumer needs occur, and the store, where these needs are fulfilled:  in a woman’s purse.

Key Categories Include:                                                           


                  Finance                                   Eye Care

                      Memberships                           Coupons

                      Office Supplies                        Keepsakes

                      Beauty Care                             Jewelry

                      Identification                            Nail Care

                      Keys/Chains                             Feminine Hygiene

                      Receipts                                   Paper Products

                      Cell Phones                              Cigarettes

                      Insurance                                  Oral Care

                      Food/Gum/Beverages               Weapons

                      Healthcare                                Cameras                       Electronics

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