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Executive Summary

Why Did We Do This Study?

What We Found.

The Big “So What?” –  Estimating the Innovation Opportunity

How to Use This Study.

Chapter 1:About the Respondents Shopping Habits

Chapter 2:About the Purses/Purse Habits

Chapter 3:First Purse Singular – why women begin carrying a purses

Chapter 4:Feminism and Femininity – the purse as a link to womanhood

Chapter 5:Husbands, Lovers, & Lounge Lizards – emotions that drive purse/content

Chapter 6:Dog Days – the life cycle of the purse

Chapter 7:Postcards from the Purse – stories that reveal emotional connection

Chapter 8:Killing You Softly – why your purse is hazardous to your health

Chapter 9:What’s in the Purse – a list of major categories

Chapter 10:Contradictions – what they say and what’s in the purse

Chapter 11:Meet the Purses -- Purse Segments & Types

Chapter 12:Delights & Problems – likes/dislikes of the purse

Chapter 13:Most Important Items in the Purse

Chapter 14:Trash, Trash, Trash

Chapter 15:Purse Content Detail

Chapter 16: Differences by . . .

Chapter 17: The Purse as a Catalyst for Innovation

Chapter 18: Mythology and the Man Bag

Chapter 19: Methodology Explained

Chapter 20: About InsightFarm Inc.

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                  How to Use This Study

                  Table of Contents

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