Total Interviews:  100

Age Range:          18 – 64 years

Quotas:                 Age and Gender Quotas to approximate the U.S. Census

Dates:                   July – August, 2006

Locations:            Portland, OR and Plano, TX.


Respondents who were carrying purses in the mall where interviews occurred were approached, screened for age and gender, and asked if they would participate in a study on “women’s products.” They were offered a $30 incentive for 30 minutes of their time.  After accepting, respondents were introduced to the researcher who explained that the study would involve examining the entire contents of their purse.  They were told they would be photographed and/or filmed and releases were obtained.  No editing, or removal of objects from the bag was allowed.  For this same reason, no appointments or referrals for additional respondents were accepted unless that person was in the screening and stayed without interruption in a supervised waiting area.  


Each purse was weighed, measured, photographed and assigned a number.  Each object was identified, categorized and catalogued on a worksheet.  Wallets were explored separately as the content was deemed personally identifiable and not to be photographed.  Respondents then completed a qualitative interview and separated ‘trash’ to discard while they refilled their purse.


Codes were developed for each item.  These codes were then used to code the inventory lists much in the manner that open ended questions are coded for market research.  Data was them compiled to produce statistically tested tables for analysis.  Segmentation of purses by type was accomplished qualitatively by examining the photographs and clustering by type.

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