How to Use This Study                                                                                                              

For those in the purse business, this study represents detailed foundational knowledge on your target and the product they consider vital to daily living.  Consider the following approaches to this data:

  • study the segments and determine where there are gaps between the needs fulfilled and designs offered.
  • use the ‘likes/dislikes’ to build new product parameters
  • learn the content and build functionality to accommodate
  • consider emerging needs, such as technology, in design
  • study the conflicts and attempt to resolve them via new products

For those NOT in the purse business, this study represents a new way of thinking about innovation.  Principally, innovation ideation sessions are grounded in a target group or other foundational learning to inspire new thinking.  In this case, the purse itself, as a home away from home, is the inspiration.  Consider several ways of using this data to inspire creative solutions for those who rely on the purse as a vital tool every single day:

  • Investigate the categories that interest you and your business.
  • Consider adjacent categories – how do they compete with you in this environment?
  • Consider the ‘Contradictions’ section and needs that emerge.  How could your product better meet these needs?
  • What emerging or unarticulated needs are revealed via this report?
  • What do the purse segments represent in terms of innovation opportunity?

Consider an Innovation Workshop facilitated by InsightFarm Inc.  Using “In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag” as a springboard, your project team, facilitated by InsightFarm Inc., will explore innovation opportunity via ideation.  This ideation is facilitated by concrete experience with representative purses from each segment and target consumer profiles provided by InsightFarm Inc.  This result of this workshop is a collection of new ideas for products, communications, or other tools your company can use to better meet the needs of purse-carrying women and drive business growth in this ‘home away from home.’


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